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Webinar: Mentorship Matters - Cultivating the Next Generation of Cyber


SPEAKER: Diana Kelley
Global Executive, Security Advisor,

PANELIST: Amy Brachio
Partner, Global & Americas Advisory Risk Leader,

PANELIST: Edna Conway
Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain,

IT Examiner – Large, Midsize and Community Banks,  Functional Examiner-in-charge for IT,
Office of the Comptroller of Currency

PANELIST: Chenxi Wang, Ph.D.
Founder, the Jane Bond Project

PANELIST: Shelley Westman
SVP, Alliances and Services,

Thursday, 17 August 2017

12 pm (EDT) / 11 am (CDT) / 9 am (PDT)

/ 16:00 (UTC)

60 minutes

1 CPE (ISACA Members only)


In addition to the well-publicized skills shortage for cybersecurity analysts there’s another, less talked about shortage; strong, female cybersecurity leaders and executives. Many women enter technical fields and cyber, but drop out before reaching executive levels. Why? And what can we do to support and grow women in cyber?

In this panel, six of the top leaders in Cybersecurity gather to share their experiences. Panelists Amy Brachio (EY), Edna Conway (Cisco), Lisa Lee (Office of the Comptroller of Currency), Chenxi Wang (Jane Bond Project), Shelley Westman (Protegrity), and Diana Kelley (SecurityCurve) will provide recommendations on what we can do, together, to ensure we support and retain talented cybersecurity professionals and help them grow into leaders.

Please join us for this lively discussion.

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Archived Webinar: Bringing Out the Hidden Security Ninjas


Daksha Bhasker
Senior Network Security Architect, Bell Canada
MS (Computer Systems engineering), MBA, CISM, CISSP

Thursday, 18 May 2017

12PM (EDT)/ 11AM (CDT) / 9AM (PDT) / 16:00(UTC)
60 minutes 


In spite of industry attention and recruitment campaigns targeting women, studies forecast a severe skills shortage and low engagement of women that has remained alarmingly stagnant since 2013. This flags broader issues, as we continue to miss opportunities for economic development, prosperity, and more critically, National Security. In global security intelligence, it takes not only technical experts to decompose the motives of a hacktivist or an attack, but an un-expected slew of diverse experts who understand underlying human nature, broad political motives and incentives. This talk will help bolster your security posture by engaging the unrecognized security ninjas.

Opinions expressed in this talk are the speaker’s and not necessarily those of her employer.

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Archived Webinar: Personal Brand Stewardship: Secrets for Creating a Powerful Leadership Brand 


Caitlin McGaw
Candor McGaw Inc.

Thursday, 23 March 2017
12PM (EST)/ 11AM (CST) / 9AM (PST) / 17:00(UTC)
60 minutes 


Most professionals are too busy to have developed a personal brand strategy. The result: A haphazard message and branding mess. Success in a changing and competitive market depends on a brand that projects a curated image across all platforms: Resume, social media, and networking.

Learn how to develop a powerful strategy for professional branding that coordinates resume, social media (particularly Linkedin) and messaging. Each of these elements will be discussed, together with how to create synergies between them. Learn pragmatic techniques you can implement immediately to improve your personal brand. Key deliverable: The brand you want the world to see.

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Archived Webinar: Self-Empowerment in Technology: Bootstrapping and Belief


Melanie Mecca

Director of Data Management Products and Services

CMMI Institute

Thursday, 23 February 2017

12PM (EST)/ 11AM (CST) / 9AM (PST) / 17:00(UTC)
60 minutes 


There is a broad range of opportunities in technology, and overall, it is an industry that values substance over form. ‘Can you produce?’ is the question you must answer with accomplishments as you advance in responsibilities and compensation. 

We’ll discuss key practical considerations: how to be recognized for your intelligence and receive credit for your contributions; tips for negotiating salary increases; and building a body of achievements that enable agility and continuing advancement. We’ll also explore self-limitations that women can buy into, and countering conditioned beliefs with positive attitudinal adjustments that increase inner confidence, balance collaboration with assertiveness, and discover your professional voice.

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