Connecting Women Leaders in Technology

The empowerment of women within the global technology workforce is critical to advancing female leadership and to the sustainment of the profession.

Through its program, Connecting Women Leaders in Technology, ISACA will provide a robust platform to:


Attract more women into the technology professions


Provide support tools to advance and sustain a woman’s trajectory through her career lifecycle


Offer educational opportunities to develop skills

The gender gap in the technology workforce is one of the largest in all professions. It is estimated that under 30% of the technology workforce is made up of women and it drops to around 10% in the InfoSec field.

This is a global phenomenon that is making it harder for women to elevate into positions of leadership as well as contributing to the lack of female leader role models needed to attract younger women into the field.

Our goal is to build a program focused on women that aims to foster collaborative networks and raise awareness about leadership and empowerment.